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Collins Circle All-Stars at OMK, SCAM 30th Anniversary, Commodities

July 16, 2014

Ow My Knee at Maalwyck Park

I got to play one point with SCAM alum, and it was great to see all those guys. It’s the team’s 30th anniversary, and I wanted to play on one of those lines. SUNY-Albany, may not be considered elite, but a lot of great players have gone there.

Like these guys; making the ESPN Top 10. Smash to Lucas.

Destructors looks good. One of our most talented rosters. Definitely the strongest women we’ve ever had. We played well overall, and I think it’s a talented group. A really talented guy named, “Ryan Pennell” came out, and his play caused a paradigm shift in ultimate. He’s a bartender.

Our only loss, was a narrow one to Mixed Nuts. They used to give out nuts after each game.

The post-game BBQ only had one type of guacamole. We used to have two.

Are the prices of avocados and nuts high?


World Class!

Albany’s finest.

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