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October 12, 2013

Summer league finals, and regionals.

Warning: No animals. Dry read.

Summer league finals. We had an easy game, because it was windy. Then a hard game. The orange team kept throwing up 50/50 swill and sending a bunch of people to try and sky it. We beat them, but it was tough. This punting game of theirs took forever, but we ended it.  The team we met in the finals, played one less game than us, and had better players. They won.

Regionals 2013 was terrible. We under performed, and teams we usually beat were able to skim past us. With five bids on the table, nationals was talked about. Teams that made deep runs into Sunday, we beat/played close games with a lot of them. We should have at least given them games. Collapse. We’re the Mets.

Seasons are defined by how you do in the series. We had poor results.

We did have a lot of positive things happen. This season started with the most competitive tryout I’ve seen the team have. Multiple returners were cut. The new players that came out this year, most of them want to try out again. I’m interested to see the guys that got cut come into tryouts, along with the former Destructors that are real quality players coming out of retirement, and a large amount of returners. A lot of tension!

Despite the disastrous ending, it was a fun season.

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