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Goodnight Patrick. Goodnight Ecto Cool Whip.

August 30, 2014

2005-2006 – Freshmen year at SUNY Albany. I was pretty terrible, but I was on a pretty great team. A lot of players on this team went on to play at nationals for various club teams, but we never really practiced as a whole. More interested in having a fun time. Not sleeping the Friday night into pool play of big college tournaments was a staple.

Here’s a quote from the coach of UNCW, summarizing SUNY-Albany at a competitive tournament.

“tell me this….is there a single(mens) team in the country that has a drill
that they do at practice that is something like this….catch a pull,
immediately pull it back to your opponent, run down field and play D?
is that a drill that anyone works on?”

Sophomore year. I didn’t get a whole lot better. I started playing with other college teams, cause all I would get to do on SCAM, which was still full of very good players, was mark people in our zone. 
At a tournament with SUNY-Oneonta, fall of 2006. I threw my first good in game huck to Nick. I got to handle all this tournament, which I loved.

I started working on throws. I came up with a few tricky things.

All of our big guns graduated, except for Adam. I knew I would have to get a lot better, so I took the summer more seriously, well more serious than usual. See below; I am at my first summer club tournament. I assume Del is talking to his bookie.


For as good as those players were that graduated, most were disinterested in practice, and only a few cared about developing me. Liv upped my ultimate IQ, and Squeegee taught me throws. 

Adam was at club tournaments in the Fall, so I got to be the main guy at tournaments. Remember that quote from the UNCW coach about hucking super early, that’s how I played.

We did poorly at regionals. We had a ton of freshmen that were just kind of feeling out the game. We threw some god awful parties, but everyone was wasted, so they all stuck around.

Adam and I started our co-captaining this year. He would run drills, and practices. I would get us into tournaments that we were not good enough to get into.

This was the year that we finally stared to beat teams. Not many, but more. We moved out of the horrible category and into the mediocre. 

This year was as step back. We got off to a really strong start in the fall. We did well at our first tournament, which wasn’t super competitive, and we were doing well at Buffalo. Beating the alum, and then going up on very good team in Edinboro by a good margin, and then something would happen that would become a staple of my ultimate career. Bizarre and terrible injuries.

We started losing a lot of games, and we had a team meeting before winter break, where we talked about what our goals were in the Spring. The team wanted to do well at regionals. Adam and I came up with things each player would have to improve upon over the winter break in order to get to regionals, and then do well. Something the team hadn’t done since we graduated all of those dudes that would be on ESPN. We took on Squeege as our coach, he was one of the best SCAM players ever produced, he went to natties a few times, and can do backflips. He knows what it takes to get to the next level.

Squeege and I would break into the SUNY Albany gym, during the break, and we would just work.

I showed up an hour before each practice, to just run and try to get my endurance up.

Right from the start, we had attendance problems. All those players that clamored for getting to the next level, didn’t show up to put the work in. I didn’t handle this well. I said some things, in someways, that I shouldn’t have said to my teammates. We had a team meeting to address my attitude, which was nice, because it was the first time I saw all the bozos together, because they weren’t going to practice. They started talking, and the most vocal players, were the laziest ones. This was when I said, “If I’m not captain, I won’t play.” I had no patience.

At sectionals, we were eliminated on Saturday. 

We did notably poor this season, and I didn’t respect my teammates. I had many conversations with Squeegee about this, and I set my sights on club.


My first, and only club team. Destructors.

This was a huge year for my development. I talked to one of the captains of this year, Vir, and he had some cool insight a few years ago. I was one of the players they were iffy on, and I ended up being relied upon by the end of the season. My reputation as a guy, that wasn’t serious about improving preceded me. I was driven about improving. More than most.I just was dejected from the whole SCAM experience. Destructors was huge for my development. 

The team had so many handlers that were better than I was. I got to learn from them, while trying to outwork them for playing time.


Destructors again. I played a larger role, and I just started to refine what I thought were my weaknesses. Decision making, fitness, and consistency. We went to regionals, which was an eye opener as to what the next level looks like.


I played more than ever this year. I was a full fledged established starter and was relied on to be a playmaker. This is also the year, I started to see the darker side of ultimate. I quit the team, after one of our teammates committed a disgraceful act, that isn’t ok on or off the field. The team made it to the semis of regionals, which was the best we ever did. Crazy close to going to nationals. Only cost you your soul.


I love this year. I played some of my best ultimate, and I got to form a partnership with Trainwreck. You ever meet this guy, consider yourself lucky. 

I had the opportunity to play in one of those semi-pro ultimate leagues. It was also one of the toughest years for my family. I had to take new roles, and responsibilities, and when it came doing what I had to do for those people vs preparing for the season. It was never a decision I had to think about. I played terribly. I probably should have quit before the season started. I wasn’t fit enough, and I got injured early on. I tried to come back too soon, to try to help out the team, and I just couldn’t play well. I had bigger things to deal with. That’s what’s changed for me. Ultimate used to be a priority, but I don’t have that same drive.

This is the last ECW post. It’s been fun.

I love Chip.


Collins Circle All-Stars at OMK, SCAM 30th Anniversary, Commodities

July 16, 2014

Ow My Knee at Maalwyck Park

I got to play one point with SCAM alum, and it was great to see all those guys. It’s the team’s 30th anniversary, and I wanted to play on one of those lines. SUNY-Albany, may not be considered elite, but a lot of great players have gone there.

Like these guys; making the ESPN Top 10. Smash to Lucas.

Destructors looks good. One of our most talented rosters. Definitely the strongest women we’ve ever had. We played well overall, and I think it’s a talented group. A really talented guy named, “Ryan Pennell” came out, and his play caused a paradigm shift in ultimate. He’s a bartender.

Our only loss, was a narrow one to Mixed Nuts. They used to give out nuts after each game.

The post-game BBQ only had one type of guacamole. We used to have two.

Are the prices of avocados and nuts high?


World Class!

Albany’s finest.

Pumpkin Patch Update #1 62314-1750

June 23, 2014

Hi guys,

I haven’t played ultimate in over a month, I’m nursing a hamstring injury. I’ve missed club, summer league, and pro games. A real bummer.

To give me something to do with this unwanted free time, I’ve planted 6 pumpkin plants. I predict a 10 pumpkin yield. I’ve decided to update you on these pumpkin plants.

I just put them in the ground, they were bought at a close out sale at a farm stand. I can’t tell you what they were like as seeds. As plants, they’re kind of lazy. They’re well fed. They each have a flower. There are six, not sure if I mentioned that.

I take good care of them, but I hate weeding.

I miss you all. I’m losing my mind.

Pics soon.

Word Association and Roster

May 20, 2014

1. Chip – Bucket hat

2. Pat – Street fighter

3. Rhiannon – Mystery

4. Will – Travel Mart

5. Del – Dancing Del

6. Marin – Hardcore

7. Casey – Canadian pop sensation, Robin Sparkles

8. Mike – Probably athletic

9. Katie – Hope

10. SoccerTom – Well prepared

11. Sonny – Injured, but optimistic/in denial

12. Stephen – Good sir

13. Dane – Too easy… GREAT!

14. Berger – Bewilderment

15. Jon – Red Coats

16. Ben West – The future of ultimate

17. Billy – His nickname

18. Sophia – Leal

19. Christine – Strobe lights



Garbage Plates

November 12, 2013

Last weekend I was invited to tryout for the Dragons. The professional ultimate team based out of Rochester.

I had some drama in the morning to deal with, and almost missed my ride. I sped down I-87 and jumped into the carpool leaving from Schenectady.

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? I’ve longed for you too. My sweet, sweet, globular star matrix.


Credit: N.A.Sharp, REU program/NOAO/AURA/NSF

The tryout started at 1PM, and took place in gloomy Genesee Valley Park. One round of cuts was already made, and I’d say there was about 60 people there. Very few returners were there, and I was led to believe that it would be a challenge to make the team if your goal was to get playing time and not hang out at the end of the bench, or in the player pool hoping for selection to a game day roster.

The tryouts were very well structured. The coach, and the staff were dispersed among the groups we split in to. The big difference between club and pro tryouts- movement. Every drill involved running, and changing direction. My muscles weren’t so happy about being vaulted out of the off season; they bent, but did not break.

I enjoyed the focus on movement. This really fits my game. I like to push the action from the back field, running the channels aggressively. I felt confident going into a 4 vs. 4 mini game, which was then broken down further to 3 vs. 3, and then 2 vs. 2. I’m going to loop back to this at the end of this entry.

We then went full field to work on the offensive sets, and then scrimmage. The team is working on a variation of a vert stack, that I have not seen before. Those channels that I like to run, were not available for me in the set, and I struggled to adjust.

Sunday, I had a big drop off in my level of play. I’m just out of shape. However, I made a good enough impression that I made it through to the next round. I’m motivated, and excited for this opportunity. It would be a dream to outfit my parents with #84 jerseys.

Things to do:

  1. Recoup
  2. Get in great physical shape (The AUDL field is wide)
  3. Throw Every Day
  4. Become a youtube celebrity


October 12, 2013

Summer league finals, and regionals.

Warning: No animals. Dry read.

Summer league finals. We had an easy game, because it was windy. Then a hard game. The orange team kept throwing up 50/50 swill and sending a bunch of people to try and sky it. We beat them, but it was tough. This punting game of theirs took forever, but we ended it.  The team we met in the finals, played one less game than us, and had better players. They won.

Regionals 2013 was terrible. We under performed, and teams we usually beat were able to skim past us. With five bids on the table, nationals was talked about. Teams that made deep runs into Sunday, we beat/played close games with a lot of them. We should have at least given them games. Collapse. We’re the Mets.

Seasons are defined by how you do in the series. We had poor results.

We did have a lot of positive things happen. This season started with the most competitive tryout I’ve seen the team have. Multiple returners were cut. The new players that came out this year, most of them want to try out again. I’m interested to see the guys that got cut come into tryouts, along with the former Destructors that are real quality players coming out of retirement, and a large amount of returners. A lot of tension!

Despite the disastrous ending, it was a fun season.

Full Tournament Coverage

August 10, 2013

Congratulations to the competitive and social league winners.

Ecto Cool Whip had unprecedented insider coverage of both divisions during the finals tournament. As soon as our top reporter (handsomely pictured below) dries his tears off his keyboard, he’ll write up the last ECW entry for this year’s Albany summer league season.

If you haven’t done so, let Peter ( know you appreciate the hard work him, the board and all the volunteers do. Another great season in the books. Hat’s off to ya!